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So where is everyone located? I'm outside Phila and did both the Landmark Forum for Young People (I think it was called that then) and the Landmark Forum for Teens. Reviewed the adult forum not too long ago. But I'm a young persons and teen forum grad and still remember the teen forum, and the leader I had. And I hear he led the most recent Teen Forum here. How cool would it be to see him again...

Who did you guys have as your leader? When did you do the course? I'm now in the Introduction Leaders Program after having done the curriculum for living...been interesting being back in this work. Are most of you guys still teen gradates? Or are there others that are older?
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on monday when i got home I recognised 3 rackets I was running on my dad and my brother just in the space of an hour!

I guess I was pretty naive in thinking that what I learnt in the forum would have an impact straight away. i actually found it pretty difficult to "give up being right" in the heat of the moment when i was angry etc. and left the room to think. I returned a few minutes later and explained to dad why i was upset by what he said (by sharing) and i eventually got off of all 3 rackets. by sharing i told something to dad that he never knew about me so this was good because it contributed to our "open, honest, loving relationship" that i've created as a possibility.

a couple of hours later i still didn't feel complete - i didn't have the same feeling that i had had down in london when i had breakthroughs so i was thinking about what was missing and it came to me at night in bed lol - whether i felt right or not doesn't mean anything because it doesn't change what's happened or what was said. obviously, to us now, this is incredibly obvious but at the time i can't believe i didn't remember it.

anywho, so since then i've not had any rackets and i've had lots of breakthroughs which is great!

i also can't believe it's been 3 days since i got back and i've not felt depressed or unhappy.
it's completely unbelievable for me but I understand why (for once!)


i hope right now that I can sustain these amazing feelings of empowerment throughout the coming months of school. It's easy for me to feel this way now because I'm relaxed and at home... but I still see school as a way of holding me back in my future (it's always been a huge source of stress and pressure for me), especially if they don't let me do Geography if i don't get a good enough grade =(

i hope you're all doing ok too =)
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Hi Sonia - I joined! For everyone else... I'm an introduction leader for Landmark Education, half way across the world in Seattle, Washington, US. I first participated in the Landmark Forum in 2002, a year after graduating from college. At the time I was very disappointed in the 'real world' after being done with school, despite having a great job and lots of fun things in my life, and the LF really blew the lid on what I thought was possible for me to be and do. In the following year I did the whole curriculum (seminar, advanced course, self-expression and leadership program) as well as the Introduction Leaders Program (ILP, which is the main training program withing Landmark Education if you want to be any kind of program leader). Last spring I also coached the ILP. I've now been leading introductions for 2 years, I totally love it, and I'm working on meeting the measures to be a Self-Expression and Leadership Program leader. The SELP is my favorite because it's the one where you take on a project in your community, and for mine I did a benefit concert to raise funds for Afghanistan reconstruction shortly after the war... it was a moving, life-altering experience.

Sonia asked me to join to provide coaching if anyone needs it. So know that I am here and available to you!

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Welcome to the Teen Graduates of the Landmark Forum 2005!!

This was basically Emilie's idea because she said that we should have a support group and I thought it could be on LiveJournal - our own community.

Some of you probably don't have LiveJournals but it would be really cool if you could create one so that you can join here. LJ is basically having an online diary/journal. It rocks my socks!

Whenever someone makes a post - we can each give comments/support/feedback to that person without have to send a "bazillion" (as Nichole says ;) e-mails out to everyone.

I hope you join!
Lots of love,
Sonia xoxo

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